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Mission: To promote business and other economic development in Penn Hills.

Vision: Strong and attractive residential and business communities throughout Penn Hills.



The Penn Hills Community Development Corporation began in the fall of 2009 when members of the Penn Hills community came together to hold a community conversation about the strengths and challenges our community faces. Out of this conversation it was decided that a community development corporation is the best way to build on our strengths and tackle our weaknesses. In early 2010 our first CDC board was formed. Board members come from a variety of backgrounds with diverse strengths in the areas of housing, business, education, the arts, and community organizing. Above all, they share a love of Penn Hills and a desire to make improvements to our community.

The Penn Hills CDC was founded as a membership organization; our members are our lifeline and our priorities are shaped by their interests. The Penn Hills CDC currently has three committees focused around issues deemed most important to the community: (1) Beautification and Sustainability, (2) Organizational Advancement and  (3) Community Economic Development.

Though still in its infancy, the Penn Hills CDC has already established a community garden located on Jefferson Road.  A portion of all harvests are donated to local food banks. Exciting future projects are in the works so stay tuned!  Better yet, become a member, get involved, and help us work to make Penn Hills be the best community it can be!


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