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Since its founding, the Penn Hills Community Development Corporation has built three committees around issues deemed most important to the community:

Beautification and Sustainability:

Mission:  The mission of the Penn Hills Beautification and Sustainability Committee is to enhance and restore the beauty of the Municipality of Penn Hills.  The Committee will plant trees, establish gardens and otherwise decorate and improve the Municipality’s public landscape.  The Committee will further endeavor to educate and engage residents in beautification projects to benefit the community.

Organizational Advancement

organizational advancement

Mission: The mission of the Organizational Advancement (OA) Committee is to develop, establish and project a high caliber image for the Penn Hills CDC, its vision, Board of Directors, committees, members, residents and other stakeholders.  Spoken presentation, written publications and community engagement through social media will exemplify the integrity and credibility of the mission.  An intentional discourse is to be utilized to temper the tone and approach in all matters being considered including those that might be controversial. The OA Committee has the responsibility to review in advance any spoken or written presentations designed for public dissemination.

Community Economic Development

community development

Mission: The Community Economic Development Committee endeavors to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Penn Hills by creating an economic landscape that will allow for a healthy, vibrant and attractive business community.