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What are the benefits of membership?

Membership enables members to vote in annual Penn Hills CDC board elections and on issues that the board may put up for a vote. This is where the power of membership lies – the ability to vote. Every membership gets one vote. So, if the Johnson family of 6 buys one membership for the household, then they get only one vote. If they want 6 votes, then this family would have to purchase 6 memberships, one for each person in the household. One membership = one vote. When voting time comes, members must bring their membership card as proof of eligibility to vote. No card, no vote.

Other benefits of membership include the ability to voice your opinion at meetings on issues you would like the Penn Hills CDC to tackle, work on committees that address issues of importance to you, and network with other people who love Penn Hills and want to work to make it the best community it can be.

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