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Why should I become a member of the CDC?

Membership to the Penn Hills CDC has many benefits, the most obvious being that it makes you eligible to vote for the Board of Directors and for any initiatives that the Board may bring to membership for a vote. The Penn Hills CDC is a membership organization, meaning YOU, our members, dictate its goals and priorities. Voting privileges enable members to voice these goals. Though anyone may attend our general body meetings, only members are allowed voting privileges.

For businesses and organizations like churches or other nonprofit institutions, membership to the Penn Hills CDC symbolizes for clients, constituents, members, and congregants that the organization is interested and involved in community affairs. Additionally, member organizations will be recognized on our website and in print materials which provide additional advertising and exposure in the community.

CDC Annual Meeting -Thursday

Thursday, January 17 at 6:45 pm

Zion Lutheran Church on Frankstown Rd next to McDonald"s

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